Typography Exploration: "Generosity" + Good Will's Mottos

the color of the week is white

Goodwill Donation Center Observation Book

Book Design

10 x 10, 25 Page, Photo Collage and Typography Observation Book, 2016

Some examples of a 25-page book I made for my Design III class that are all drawn from photos, physical objects, and sketches from the Good Will Donation center in Los Angeles. The first two slides are covers (left side back, right side front) and the rest are spreads from within the book. In this project, I really wanted to focus on the personal aspects of goodwill: the people shopping there, the distracted kids, and all of the memorabilia, gifts, and keep sakes that were given away. The typography spread throughout the book reads “Generosity” in large letters and various Good Will mottos and statements.


*35mm Photography Images Coming Soon